Amid Superstorm Sandy’s Havoc, A Win for Wildlife

A year after Hurricane Sandy smashed into the U.S. East Coast, some of the beaches and ocean areas are better for birds and marine life. In Fire Island, an inlet was open, creating exchange of water allowing the north bay to clean up and produce a positive outcome. Produced with Eileen Mignoni, for National Geographic

Taken by the Ocean

This a story about the aftermath of the Chilean Megaquake that struck the country in February 27, 2010. Playa Perales is home to 400 people. The tsunami produced by the earthquake devastated the town. The residents were left with nothing and moved into camps quickly constructed from scavenged refuge. Created in collaboration with Eileen Mignoni.

Hold Out

There are only about 15 people left in David Sheet’s neighborhood, once a thriving community of people who had lived there much of their lives. The reason: Atlantic Yards, Brooklyn’s largest-ever proposed real estate development, which will cost 5 million dollars and engulf three times the area of Rockefeller Center. Jack-hammering, construction, and relentless noise…

Roping the Wind

The mid-20th century discovery of oil and gas fields in central Texas changed the trajectory of several small towns in decline. But the boom bypassed the town of Roscoe. From his nearby cotton farm, Cliff Etheredge watched the other towns grow. “To me, the hungriest man is the one who has to sit and watch…

The Last Generation

Few men are bold enough to live and work in the extreme conditions that the gauchos of Tierra del Fuego endure everyday. The gauchos face harsh weather, isolation and a rustic lifestyle while ensuring the well-being of countless livestock on their farm. However, this way of life is facing one of its greatest challenges to…

Robed in Merit

Donning a saffron-colored robe, Juttipong Wongpet’s life changes. He gains a new name and loses the hair on his eyebrows and head. As a 15-day monk, Wongpet is robed for merit, earning favor for his ancestors. Although Wongpet will leave his monk name behind, for a season he will rise above the station of a…

Bike-Path Crusaders

Overcoming budget objections to a proposed project, Brunswick, Maine, earns props as a bike-friendly town. Shoot for AARP